Couriers vs Postal Services

Couriers vs Postal services – what is the difference?

and how does it impact your business?

The traditional method of walking to the post office, standing in line, and sending off your packages is one that has been around for ages. But as a business, why should you change your current ways and look to different options?

There are so many ways to send package these days! Post, courier, road, train, air, uber, and some pizza places are even delivering by drones!

The two main players for online businesses in our views are post and courier services, so what exactly are the differences and what’s right for you?

Ensuring you have the right mix of services and freight options could save you thousands of dollars a year. With freight being one of the biggest expenses on running a business, every dollar you can save will ultimately help you!

Courier Service


A courier service has changed a lot over the past 100 years, and is constantly evolving. Generally, couriers offer a range of services including road services, air freight services, sea freight services, and rail services.

Couriers offer many different levels of service depending on your needs, including time sensitive shipping, same day delivery, interstate shipping, signature on delivery, authority to leave, overnight premium services, and international services.

Tracking is typically more comprehensive than postal services, with greater visibility and management over your shipments.

Postal Service


Postal services are generally run by the government (Example Australia Post, Deutsche Post in Germany or USPS in the USA)

These services focus on mainly letter and mail services (bank statements, cards from your grandma, fines). Along with a range of services tailored to eCommerce sellers. Larger parcels are generally not accepted, and if they are the postal service will work with couriers to handle the final mile / deliveries.

There are a few points of difference which can help you decide the best option/s for your business.

Couriers Services compared to Postal Services

So which is best for you, and how can you best manage?


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